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Vivi Anna - [Nina Decker 01] - Glimmer

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For followers of Laurel K Hamilton, Kim Harrison, and Karen Marie Moning,"Vivi Annais usually distinctive and wise undertake fantasy makes her essential read!" — Lauren Dane, writer of Inside-Out "SHINE stones in so many ways! Nina and Severin are one heck of an attractive pair and stick out in a global that is loaded with depth, risk and intrigue!" — Juliana Rock, writer of the Jaguar Players and approaching Category of Parents "From begin to end, SHINEis one crazy trip. I can not watch for the following Nina Decker tale!" — Megan Hart, writer of Self-Centered may be the Center BLURB: her mom isn't, Though Nina Decker’s dad is a hundred percent individual. She goes to an old and unusual race of individuals called the fae.

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