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Oliver Sacks - The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

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In his most extraordinary book, "among the great clinical writers of the 20th-century" (The Brand New York Times) recounts the case histories of patients lost in the bizarre, apparently inescapable world of neurological problems. Oliver Sacks's The Person Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat tells the tales of an individual afflicted with fantastic perceptual and intellectual aberrations: clients who've lost their memories and with them vast majority of the pasts; who are no further in a position to recognize people and common objects; who are stricken with violent tics and grimaces or who shout involuntary obscenities; whose limbs have become alien; who've been dismissed as retarded yet are gifted with uncanny artistic or mathematical abilities. If inconceivably strange, these amazing stories stay, in Dr. Sacksis marvelous and sympathetic telling, profoundly individual.

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