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Mat Johnson - Pym

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A journey in to the land of whiteness by an unlikely group of African American adventurers   Lately processed teacher of American literature Bob Jaynes is enthusiastic about The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, Edgar Allan Poe’s unusual and only book. He resolves to search out Tsalal, the distant area of complete and real blackness that Poe explains with terror, when he finds the manuscript of the raw servant story that appears to verify the truth of Poe’s misinformation. Jaynes thinks it to function as the last unmarked bastion of the African Diaspora and the important thing to his personal answer. He convenes an all-black team of six to check out Pym’s path towards the south Pole searching of experience, natural methods to use, and, for Jaynes at-least, the mythological world of the book.

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