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Louis Begley - [Schmidt 01] - About Schmidt

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"An excellent new book, The truly amazing pleasure of reading Louis Begley [is] his exceptional literary intelligence." The Brand New York Times Book Review "Begley again demonstrates he can reveal the complexities of society and personality with a definite eye and graceful design, Morethan fulfills what's needed of graceful misinformation." TimeProud, conventional, and impeccably organized, Albert Schmidt is just a button down lawyer of the old school.  But today, after decades of carefulmanagement, his existence is gradually unraveling.  His precious spouse has died.  He stumbles--or is he being pressed?--into earlyretirement.  And his daughter, his only child, is likely to marry a guy Schmidt can't accept of, for reasons he could hardly acknowledge, to even himself.  As Schmidt gropes for answers, he finds unexpected hope within an intense passion that arrives of the blue.Set in the Hamptons and Manhattan, infused with dark humor and surprising eroticism, About Schmidt is both a meditation on lonelinessand on the Energy of love to uncover the absolute most impenetrable recesses of the heart."Humorous, challenging, unsparing; it's as though Louis Auchincloss had traded the little one gloves for metal Fascinating, knuckles and nervy." The Washington Post Book World"A strong tale of a guy's fall from grace, The Remains of your Day come[s] to mind."Publishers Weekly (starred review)"Stunning."L A Times Book Review

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