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Ernest Borgnine - Ernie- The Autobiography

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We wept at his Oscar-winning part in Marty,we gasped when he got on Frank Sinatra in From Here to Eternity,we were riveted by his persuasive performances in The Dirty Dozen, Bad Day at Black-Rock, and Ice Station Zebra,and we chuckled at his tv show McHale's Navy. We liked all Ernest Borgnine's several portrayals, but what did we learn about the person behind the well-known functions? For the very first time, he informs us in their own words the intriguing tale of his life in this humorous, honest, and revealing memoir today. For significantly more than fifty years, Ernest--or "Ernie" as he is proven to his friends--hasbeen among the best, famous celebrities in Hollywood in addition to a respectable, gifted actor, and a full time income story.

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