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David Liss - [Benjamin Weaver 03] - The Devil's Company

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In the acclaimed and best-selling writer of The Whiskey Rebels and A Conspiracy of Paper comes a sensational new thriller occur the splendor and squalor of eighteenth century London.The yr is 1722. Ruffian for employ and master of disguise Benjamin Weaver finds herself pitted against a mysterious mastermind who holds the lifestyles of Weaver’s buddies in the total amount. Weaver should point a bold robbery in the headquarters of the callous British East India Company, to safeguard the folks he loves, but this burglary is just the beginning relocate a risky game of corporate opponents, secret plots, and international agents. Using the protection of the nation—and the lives of these he loves—in the total amount, Weaver must navigate a maze of political greed and totally vibrant period detail and corporate treachery.Explosive motion would be the hallmarks of an author who continues to create the bar ever-higher for historic suspense.

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