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Courtney Summers - Fall for Anything

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In the writer of Cracked As much as Be and Some Girls Are comes a gripping story about one girl’s look for signs in to the mysterious death of her father. When Eddie Reeves’s father commits destruction her existence is eaten by the uncomfortable question of why? He noticed? Why when he appeared to discover motivation in anything why when he was an excellent instructor and a renowned shooter? And, most significant, why when he experienced a daughter who loved him more than other people in the planet? When she fulfills Culler Evans, a former pupil of her father’s and a shooter herself, an immediate and dangerous attraction begins. Culler appears to understand more about her father than she does and might contain the key to the mystery around his death. But Eddie’s weakness has damaged her and Culler Evans gets also close. Her require for the truth keeps her hanging on,but are a few issues better left unanswered?

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