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Atiq Rahimi - Earth and Ashes

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 "You know, dad, sadness can change to water and drip from your own eyes, or it can develop your language right into a blade, or it can become a period bomb that, oneday, may increase and ruin you"  Earth and Ashes may be the extra, powerful tale of an Afghan man, Dastaguir, attempting frantically to achieve his daughter Murad, who has left his town to make a living working in a quarry. Meanwhile the town hasbeen bombed from the Russian military, and Dastaguir, together with his recently-deaf son Yassin in pull, should achieve Murad to inform him of the carnage. The aged man is beset on all sides by sadness, that of his grandson, who can't realize, that of his child, who doesn't yet realize, and their own, created even crueler by the concept he should provide.  Atiq Rahimi, whose status for composing war stories of huge intimacy and drama started with this specific, his first book, has were able to reduce ages of Afghan background right into a brief story of three different decades.

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