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Amber Scott - [ParaRealm 01] - Fierce Dawn

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"x men motion fulfills Accurate Blood heat!" *****5 stars -Ann Charles, Almost Left In Deadwood, 2010 Daphne Champion"Extremely enjoyable!" -Carolyn McCrayKindle Best-Selling writer, HeartsbloodOverview:Snarling teeth, great eyes. Somebody--anything--is after her. The guy who haunts her dreams enters her actuality, declaring she is changing right into a changeling--nearly immortal but no further individual. Except nobody needs this change. Not people, not immortals and least of her.Battle outlines are pulled and blood leaks whilst the two-fight not just for her living, but for humanityis as well.More Recognition for Fierce Dawn,"I need a bumper sticker that says 'Sometimes I feel just like Sadie.' What a great study!

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