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Louis L'Amour - End of the Drive

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A seasoned trail driver, that has lasted thundering stampedes and Comanche raids, finds there is nothing so dangerous as dating an attractive lady,. A cruelly crushed homesteader crawls down to die—only to come across an old talisman that maintains his will to reside,.This treasure-trove of newly discovered tales captures the resolution, grandeur, and beauty of the men and women who wielded gun and plow, Bible and branding iron to tame a wild nation. A strange preacher trips into town to provide a notice leading to a shocking discovery,. And within the full-length novella Rustler Roundup, the hard-working people of the law-abiding city are forced to the side as rumors of rustlers within their middle threaten to show friend against neighbor.Each of those memorable stories contains the masteris touch—comic turns, plain reality, crackling suspense—all the weather which have made Louis L'Amour an American tale.

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