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Chiaverini, Jennifer - An Elm Creek Quilts Sampler

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Three Complete Novels, The Quilter's Apprentice, Round-Robin, and The cross country Quilters, in The Ny Times-Bestselling Writer, Jennifer Chiaverini Here's where everything began -- the three novels that first created precious pals of the Elm Creek Quilters, who walked out-of Pa's heavenly Elm Creek Way and in to the center of America. The Quilter's Apprentice: Grasp quilter Sylvia Compson shares the tricks of her innovative presents with her youthful secretary, Sarah McClure. Throughout their classes, the elaborate, diverse posts of Sylvia's life start to arise. It's the tale of the young wife coping with the agonies and struggles of the Planet War II home-front; of a household ripped apart by infidelity and jealously; of misconception, reduction, and a misfortune that may never be undone.

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