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Louis L'Amour - From the Listening Hills

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In peerless misinformation spanning five decades and as numerous continents, Louis L’Amour has confirmed herself the preeminent storyteller of the National experience. Whether established aboard a ship caught in enemy oceans or amidst a series in the deserts of Death Valley, his stories brilliantly capture the heroic and indomitable spirit of our excellent land.From The Hearing HillsThe twelve stories in this series--showing for the very first time in one comprehensive volume--operate the spectral range of human emotions because they carry us in the fading majesty of the Old-West into a small town football-field towards the lonely canyons of one man’s brain. These classic tales of adventure, mystery, suspense, and mysticism epitomize the distinctively National longing for origins and relationship, love and justice, as just L’Amour may. This is a diverse number of heroes and traitors, lawmen and outlaws, the innocent, the guilty, and people who work in the territory away from reach of justice.

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