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Rankin, Robert - Necrophenia

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The outward symptoms have now been analyzed; the analysis is verified; the forecast is dismal. The world can disappear in just 12 hours—12 hours where all of the loose ends must certanly be tangled up, all of the Large Questions responded, and all of the Best Facts unveiled. It claims to be always a notably hectic half-day—during which a Brentford retailer will finish a resting space for God, a Chiswick lady will discover the Metaphenomena of the Multiverse, an aging super-villain will put the finishing touches to his ideas for transdimensional control, severe trouble will bust out in the New Messiahis Conference in Acton, and a Far-Fetched Fiction writer will obtain Divine Enlightenment. May the world end with a bang or perhaps a whimper—or another thing completely, perhaps involving a period-traveling Elvis Presley with a sprout in his mind?

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