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Robinson, Peter - [Banks 02] - A Dedicated Man

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A man is useless in a former college teacher -- the Yorkshire dales, rich historian and archaeologist who liked his adopted town. It's an especially heinous slaying, thinking about the confidence where the target, Harry Steadman, occured by his neighbors and co-workers -- by everybody, it seems, except the main one individual who bludgeoned the life from the respectable student and left him half-buried in a playeris field.Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks left the assault of London behind for what he anticipated will be the tranquil life of the nation cop. However the violence of Steadmanis homicide just supports one unpleasant, undeniable reality: that evil can flourish in even the absolute most rustic of configurations. You will find harmful techniques concealed within the background of the distant Yorkshire neighborhood which have previously resulted in one death.

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