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Kyle Mills - [Covert-One 08] - Robert Ludlum's the Ares Decision

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With U.S. intelligence companies wracked by internal power struggles and paralyzed by paperwork, the Leader was compelled to determine their own clandestine group--Hidden-One--just triggered as a final resort, once the risk is on the global-scale and time is working out.In north Uganda, an American special forces team is ruined by a group of usually tranquil producers. Movie of the assault exhibits actually kids and women holding nearly unnatural power and speed, eaten with a trend which makes them resistant to suffering, worry, and all-but the absolute most damaging accidents. Hidden-Oneis top operative, military microbiologist Colonel Jon Smith, is delivered to investigate the assault and discovers proof of a parasitic disease that for hundreds of years hasbeen subsequently and creating chaotic madness going inactive.

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