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Elmer Kelton - The Time It Never Rained

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“The Time It Never Rained was motivated by real events, once the greatest and most unfortunate drought in living memory pushed ranchers and farmers towards the external boundaries of bravery and endurance.”—Elmer KeltonRio Seco was too little to manage an expert supervisor because of its one-space Step of Commerce.   And Rio Seco, indicating “dry river” in Spanish, represents the largest enemy of the ranchers and farmers in 1950s Tx, an enemy they can’t handle: drought. To irritable Charlie Flagg, an honest, good rancher, the famine of the first 1950s is just a struggle he should struggle by himself reasons. Declining the dubious “assistance” of federal-aid applications and their bureaucratic rules, Charlie and his family battle to create the farm endure before moment it rains again—if it actually rains again. Charlie Flagg, one of the best of Elmer Kelton’s unforgettable masterpieces, isn't any pasteboard idol.

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