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Shirley Tallman - [Sarah Woolson Mystery 03] - The Cliff House Strangler

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Nineteenth century lawyer Sarah Woolson continues to be looking to get her life together. Against her family's needs, she starts her own Bay Area lawyer, simply to discover that clients---spending clients, that's---are skeptical of permitting a lady to handle their legal matters. Only when her cash, in addition to her persistence, are going to go out, Sarah and her friend and former co-worker, Robert Campbell, attend a séance at Bay Area's Cliff House. Making their way through the worst hurricane of the growing season, they get to their location to locate themselves set for a lot more than, in Robert's words, "foolish studio tricks." Following a remarkable show of nature apparitions, traveling trumpets, and phantom audio, Madame Olga Karpova---a famous Russian email---and her visitors create a grisly discovery: Among the twelve people seated in the desk hasbeen cruelly strangled.Later, when two more séance individuals are observed slain, Debbie is pushed into protecting the accused assassin.

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