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Qwillia Rain - [Neighbor 03] - Teach Me Master [MF]

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Triss Long liked seeing her friend and the games he used his enthusiasts. Whether it had been rules or whips, blindfolds or ball gags, the way in which his body moved mesmerized Triss, and supported some of her very own dreams. As well as striking a picture or two in the sensual books she wrote.Until your day she actually dropped at his feet.Now that Vince Black's interest is concentrated on her, Triss must choose from the mischievous girl who's dying to play-along, and the great girl her mother elevated who's yelling "Try To Escape!"**This is just a novella of 34,500 words (about 96 pages) and is linked freely to Achieving A Neighbor's Requirements and A Neighbor's Ultimatum**

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