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Nesbo, Jo - [Harry Hole 03] - The Devil's Star

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While in the warmth of the blistering Oslo summertime, a girl is located murdered in her flat—with among her hands stop and a little reddish star shaped stone placed directly under her eyelid. An off-the-rails alcohol barely waiting on hold to his work, Investigator Harry Pit is designated the situation with Ben Waaler, a colleague whom Harry thinks accounts for the killing of his companion. When an other woman is reported absent five days later, and her severed-finger appears embellished with a red star shaped band, Harry worries a serial-killer reaches work. But Pit's dedication to reveal Waaler's offenses and to fully capture a fiend is leading him into places where both inspections combine in unforeseen ways, making him to create hard choices in regards to a potential he might not live to find out.

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