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John Wilcox - [Simon Fonthill 07] - The Shangani Patrol

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Adventurer Simon Fonthill is pressured to take sides within the last and most heartbreaking battle of 19th-Century British South Africa, in this gripping army adventure In the African Cape, Simon Fonthill—one-period subaltern and ex-chief in the North-West Frontier’s Royal Corps of Guides—and his spouse Alice end up on tribal property and in the mercy of questionable Matabele players. While being kept underneath the instructions of the soldier king Lobengula, Fonthill becomes conscious of a Colonial piece to weaken an invaluable agreement between Lobengula and the wealthiest guy in Africa, Cecil Rhodes. When friction grows between Rhodes and the tribesmen, Fonthill is pressured to take sides. As well as his friend and Alice 352 Jenkins, he becomes involved in another of the bloodiest battles in British history, the Shangani River massacre. 

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